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Johnson County Tow Service for Impounds, Illegally Parked Vehicle Violations

Johnson County Tow Service, LLC is comitted to being your preferred Private Property Towing Company in the Johnson County, Kansas and the surrounding areas.

Every parking facility is unique. We will customize your parking enforcement program to meet the property manager’s specific needs. Our services can range from posting legal towing signs accompanied with property patrolling schedules that are customized to each property owners needs.

Our objective is to help you effectively manage who is parking on your property. We want to improve your business, retal location or community’s reputation and value by improving parking conditions, minimize unauthorized traffic, and making sure that abandoned vehicles are not being left on your property.

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As another first of a kind services offered by Johnson County Tow Service, the following are services and options are available to you now:

  • Private Property Impounds
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • All Unauthorized Vehicles
  • Digital Photos and E-mail Reports of every tow
  • Notifications to Authorities
  • Provide no-cost signage and violation stickers
  • State Of The Art, Damage Free Light Duty, Medium Duty, and Flatbed Wreckers
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Immediate response times
  • Random and On-Call Parking Lot Patrol